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This is fake. They haven’t been sat on that rock for 50 years. If you look closely you can clearly see her swimsuit is different in the second photo, it has stripes on it. And the guy’s shorts seem to have a more floral pattern in the latter photo.Also, if someone sat on a rock for 50 years, it would have made the news. My theory is, they simply returned to the same location 50 years later, and recreated the original photo.

Jokes aside, it really is fake. No one will see this but I feel like I should mention it anyway. See how the grass and the water on the stone are exactly the same in both photos?


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why celsius/centigrade is better than fahrenehenheit

  • easier to spell
  • all water below 0 is ice. easy and logical
  • all water above 100 is steam. easy and logical
  • if it’s 1 degree outside one day and 10 degrees the next you can literally say it’s 10x warmer and you aren’t even exaggerating

why farhenininheniehenhet is better than centigrate/celsius

  • it isn’t

hang on a second

"you can literally say it’s 10x warmer and you aren’t even exaggerating"

You are in fact underexaggerating because 10 degrees celsius is just 3.6% warmer than 1 degree.


In kelvin, the absolute and superior temperature scale, 1 celsius is 273.15 degrees. What’s that x10? 2731.5 kelvin, or 2458.35°C

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